Welcome to Home Painter - South London

Home painter - South London painting company. Our business started in 2001 from small residential jobs with aim to provide very high standard art for relatively small price. It doesn't matter how difficult or easy is project - once we started then it has to be finished. We employ only specialist that know what they are doing. The most important in our work is good preparation for work because we care about your home and what's inside it.

Contacting us for quote

Home painter - provides you with completely free estimates which are available within a few days of you quote request. By filling our contact form you will get prompt response from one of the decorating specialists in your area. Please don't hesitate to call us direct and talk about your painting project. We value every customer and try to do our best in keeping everyone happy. Our prices are day based or job based, you choose which is best for you. Only pay for the job that is done! Home Painter - South London.


Our Work

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